Winter Wonderland

I can't believe the holidays are over. It feels like just yesterday I bought my cute little table top christmas tree. Guess I shouldn't be surprised the last few weeks have gone by so quickly. In four weeks, I moved into a new apartment, drove up to Boston, then New Hampshire, then back down to North Carolina. Oh and then had a birthday. So here is how my winter break went in a little more detail:

Being a fan of road trips must run in the family. My mom finds any excuse to take one so when we decided to visit my grandparents in Boston for Christmas, she convinced me to drive MY CAR up there. Might be good to mention that this car has seen many road trips in its 10 year life and something was inevitably going to go wrong with it. However, when she offered to help me move a week before we would be leaving, I agreed. I mean the car would be fine, right??

After a week of running around between two apartments moving more junk than I realized I owned, we were off! I was so mentally and physically drained from the move that I slept so well for the next few days (there will be another post dedicated solely on this lovely move). Our first stop was Richmond, Virginia! Richmond surprised me. I hadn't heard much about the city so I wasn't expecting it to be very exciting. However, we found the cutest townhouses, along with a great coffee/bakery! If you offer me good coffee, I'm sold!

We only had three days to make it up to Boston, so we only spent a short morning in Richmond before moving on. We headed towards PA to drive through Amish country! We arrived in Lancaster starving, so we jumped into a brewery for a super late lunch (or early dinner??). My mom and I like to talk (seriously we won't shut up when together) so before we knew it, it was almost dark! So we rushed back to the car to try and catch a glimpse of the countryside. Not surprisingly, we ended up driving through it in the dark...we did have a lot of laughs though and saw a few horse drawn carriages! The next day we made it up to Boston where we spent the day exploring the city.

(Breakfast at Tatte Bakery & Cafe in Cambridge)

My brother and dad arrived the next day and after a lovely, but short, weekend with my grandparents celebrating Christmas, we headed up to New Hampshire! There we spent a few days at Mountain View Grand Resort wandering through a winter wonderland. I spent the next three days taking snowy walks through forests, drinking hot chocolate, and reading on comfy couches by a roaring fire. Take me back please!

Before I knew it we were celebrating 2017 and then heading back down to North Carolina. With my birthday so soon after the holidays, I always consider it the end celebration. Once my birthday is over, reality finally starts to sink in. Let the post-holiday blues begin!

Overall lessons I learned from this road trip:

- splitting meals while eating out needs to be a bigger thing! not only is it cheaper, but you also end up eating less. we are never as hungry as we think. I was constantly surprised how splitting a meal plus side would be so filling!

- car issues are unavoidable. accidents happen. soooo the car ended tearing up a belt and almost over heated. BUT we didn't blow the engine (almost happened) and I had my dad to help me so I would say things worked out pretty well.

- moms are awesome..duh. (so are dads of course!) I loved having mine in Raleigh to help me move. it was the first time she has really be able to help me move into an apartment and the new place looks so much better thank to her help. also getting to spend 3 weeks with her when she is usually across the country from you is pretty special.

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