Why You Need More Hygge in Your Life

I heard of the concept on youtube a few weeks ago, and then found an article about it in New York Times. Hygge, pronounced 'hooga", is a Danish word for coziness. Imagine being curled up on the couch with a blanket and your favorite warm drink while the weather outside is dark and cold. or putting on your favorite slippers and comfy cloths after a long day at work. or putting on some calming music, lighting some candles, and catching up with friends around your kitchen table. get the drift? hygge is basically the creation of a warm atmosphere and enjoying life with your favorite people (or animals).

I love this concept! Without realizing there was a word for it, I have been aiming for this in any place I call home. Being able to come home to a warm and welcoming space is an amazing feeling. If you wish to learn more about this concept I recommend checking out Jenny Mustard on youtube (Jenny Mustard). There is also a great article about it in the New York Times from this past December. you can check it out here: NYtimes.

For fun I thought I'd list the top 5 things that bring hygge to my life right now:

1. Hot tea..or hot chocolate. and coffee..basically any warm drink!

2. Dinner with friends, especially if its a home cooked meal (especially if I don't have to cook hehe)

3. Calming music

4. lots of indoor plants. i need green in my life!

5. i know the holidays are over but spending time with family heals my heart!

Grace, the cat.

Now I want to hear from you, let me know what hygge means to you!

Side note: cats are pros at living the hygge lifestyle. what i would do to be a professional napper like this cutie.

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