New Year, New...Me?

Oh is it already almost February?..oops. so i might be a little late with putting together resolutions, but better late than never right?? i 'm not even sure how I really feel about resolutions. I mean we all know how crazy busy gyms are in January, but the crowds always fizzle out by February, so clearly we as a society are not good at sticking with our great goals in January. However, it doesn't quite feel right to not put together some kind of plan for the new year. Whether its starting a new workout plan or planning for your next trip, something about celebrating a new year makes it just feel right to put in place the goals that matter to you right now. Realistically I think we should readdress this goals a few times throughout the year..seasonal goal planning? After putting some thought to it, i thought i would jot down top 5 things that I want to remind myself of as we enter the new year (or the second month of the new year?). let me know what some of yours are, I love to hear what others are working towards!

2017 Goals:

1. gain more experience in nutrition aka VOLUNTEER, especially in a clinical setting

2. exercise 4x a week either by doing strength training, walking, playing tennis, or doing yoga

3. keep downsizing especially with clothes

4. start meditating regularly again

5. read books that aren't required for school

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