National Nutrition Month

In case you missed it, March is National Nutrition Month. With the month coming to an end, literally in a few hours, I thought I would share a few tips on how to carry on the importance of nutrition throughout the remaining months of the year. The theme this month was "put your best fork forward". Kind of cheesy, but pretty catchy! The theme is there to remind us that each of us holds the tools needed to make healthy choices. It's pretty empowering to know that each and every day we have the option of making healthy choices. Whether that is sneaking in a few extra servings of vegetables or going for a hike, we get to start fresh every day. If you are looking for some tips on different healthy choices you could make every day, check out my list below. If a few sound appealing to you, then go ahead and add them to your daily routine..even if March is basically over. Here is to nutrition all year long!

Tips For Putting Your Best Fork Forward

  1. Add a side salad to your dinner to ensure your getting in some greens every day.

  2. Grab an orange for a snack to get your vitamin C. No one has time to get sick!

  3. Try Meatless Monday's. We all eat more meat than we should, so go ahead and try it. I promise it is easier than you think.

  4. No time to break a sweat? Try to fit a walk in before or after work. Even if it is short, at least your getting up and moving.

  5. For those late night sweet cravings, try adding your favorite fruit to some plain yogurt. Drizzle some honey on top to make it extra sweet.

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