California Has My Heart..Here's Why!

Back in March (yes 2 months ago) I was lucky enough to get to spend spring break visiting my family in California. Los Gatos, CA to be exact. Seriously, every time I go out to visit it gets harder and harder to leave. The weather is always perfect ( I manage to avoid the rain season), the location is perfect (ocean AND mountains), and Californians are just as obsessed about locally, grown nutritious food as I am. One of my favorite things to do out there is attend the weekly farmers market in downtown Los Gatos. It's not fair how many different produces they can grow almost all year long. Nothing doesn't grow there. Explains why the rest of the country relies so much on California for their produce. This time I decided to snap photos of a couple stands to share with you guys. If you ever make your way to the area, please promise me you will check out at least ONE farmers market. I've never been to one out here thats disappointing. Whether you stop by to grab some lunch, look for small gifts, or collect a weeks worth of groceries, you're bound to find something you'll like.

Dinner Recipes.png
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