Water Gets a Makeover!

If you are anything like me, you NEED your water. I seriously panic anytime I forget to grab my water bottle (Contigo glass bottle to be exact) before leaving the apartment. I may have a slight addiction (!). Water alone, though, can get old pretty fast. So to keep it interesting I have been trying out a few tricks that are still healthy and low in sugar, but make water taste oh so delicious. To make this beauty I simply added a splash of syrup on hand to bubbly water. S. Pellegriono is my favorite but any here will do. Drop in some mint leaves on top for a pretty garnish and added flavor. Voila, your water just got a makeover ;)

The Peach and Meyer Lemon Mixer was picked up at the most amazing fruit stand in the middle of California (somewhere between San Francisco and Chico). Minimum ingredients ensures you aren't adding anything iffy to your water. The elderflower drink concentrate was picked up at Ikea of all places. Very light but still adds just enough sweetness.

Don't feel like you always have to use bubbly water here either! This would be a nice drink to make for after work, before dinner. However, for everyday use it might get a little expensive, so plain tap water with some ice would work just as well. Don't forget the mint leaves!


Dinner Recipes.png
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