Current Favorites

Since the spring semester I have had more time to enjoy reading or catching up on tv shows, etc. I thought I would share a few nutrition related favorites that I have been obsessing over lately:

Authority Nutrition - this youtube channel is perfect if you want quick, scientifically proven videos on random health related topics. In a world of questionable sources, it is such a relief to find a reliable source of information that is quick and to the point.

Pick Up Limes - I just discovered this channel and am in love with it! You can find a million youtubers that offer similar material, but not only is she an RD (big plus if talking about nutrition and health), but her videos are easy to follow and to the point.

Nutritionist in Private Practice by Amy Hager - I got this book as a gift for Christmas. If you are thinking about or currently working on owning your own private practice, this book is for you! Its a easy, quick read that offers healthful advice, not only on the business aspect, but also on the emotional experience starting your own practice can be. For me, it was also nice to learn about someone else's journey from the very beginning. Often we hear from already established and successful business owners, but how was life/business at the very beginning? I want to know what struggles I can expect and realize I am not the only one crazy enough to have this dream.

I have several other books piled next to my bed that I want to get to this summer so I will be sure to update this list in the coming months. Let me know what you guys are currently reading/watching (nutrition related or not!) in the comments below. Also, be sure to check the links out above and let me know what you all think of them.

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