Essential Minerals and Vitamins for Vegans

Last fall for one of my courses I created an infographic illustrating the essential minerals and vitamins vegans should keep an eye on. Of course all minerals and vitamins are important, but there are a few that can get low on a vegan diet if not carefully watched. The idea was to create an easy to follow reminder of nutrients that a new vegan might want to keep an eye on. Thought I would share it with you all incase a few of you are either currently vegans, or considering making the transition. I am personally struggling letting go of cheese, but surprisingly the other animal products haven't been hard to give up. At least when it comes to making meals at home. Once I go out into the world it gets a little harder to avoid eggs and dairy. Meat remains the easiest for me to avoid. It'll be different for everyone though! What are some animal products that you can't imagine living without? Also, anyone have advice on how to let go of cheese?!

Vegan Infographic


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