Surviving The Heat..Without A/C

It is June in North Carolina and the A/C is broken. What perfect timing! This has been a month long ordeal, with frantic calls for maintenance to arrive and save the day, only to have an issues again a few weeks, or few days later. I'm far from pleased, but fortunately we haven't reached the 90's this week so no A/C hasn't become more than annoying (and a little uncomfortable). So what should one do when they have no A/C? Cry? Throw a tantrum? What about after all that? I decided to come up with a list of ideas to bring some relief to the heat, at least temporarily. At the end of the day, there is only so much we can do about a broken unit so might as well make the best of it!

1. Fans, Fans, Fans - I bring out the old, loud fan that usually remains deep in the closet. At least it provides a breeze, even if the noise is almost worse than the heat. Run any ceiling fans, and if your thermostat has a fan only option, run that too. This will help circulate the air and even if it isn't cold, this might bring a little bit of relief.

2. Check the outside temperature - This one might seem obvious, but it has happened to me that outside is suddenly cooler than inside, so keeping the doors/windows shut is foolish. Especially at night (if you are lucky), the temperatures might suddenly drop, so keep an eye on the forecast, and once it is cooler out there than inside, let that air in!

3. Take a cold shower - Never underestimate a cold shower. Especially right before going to sleep. Not only will you feel less sticky and gross, but your body temperature will drop, allowing you to feel cool long enough to hopefully fall asleep. Keep your hair damp if you can. That will make a fan feel so much better, even if your pillow ends up a bit damp. We are desperate here, remember!?

4. Place damp towel around neck - Better yet, stick in the freezer for a bit. Yes, your shirt will get all wet, but if you can't get comfortable to even lounge around on the couch, this might be your best bet. With this and a fan blowing on you, it should help your body cool down.

5. Drink icy cold beverages - the more ice the better! I have been drinking iced sweet tea ALL DAY. I should add, it is technically half sweet and half unsweet, so my sugar intake isn't through the roof (yet). This could be a good excuse to go out for some milkshakes :)

So there are a several more things you could do to help cool down. Place cool bottle under the sheets. Dunk feet into cold water. Fill bowl with cold water and place behind fan for a DIY A/C. Whatever helps keep the temperature down and the anger under control, because nothing goes better together than heat and anger. In the mean time, lets imagine we were all swaying with the cool breeze in our hammocks by this dreamy river.

Life Update - A/C just kicked on! The unit is only temporarily fixed though, so I am sure I will be coming back to this post in a few days when the unit once again decides to shut down. Oh well, for now I'm just happy to feel that cool air!

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