Why Yogurt Should Be Your New Best Friend

Yogurt doesn't get the credit it deserves. This versatile food item deserves to be up front and center in your fridge! Either as part of a meal or snack, yogurt can help get you through the day feeling satisfied. And there are a million ways to change it up so you never get tired of it.

What['s so great about yogurt anyway?

  1. Filled with nutrients - especially calcium which we all probably know are important for healthy teeth and bones. High in B vitamins which are important to protect against heart disease. You can also find phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium in your serving of yogurt which are important for blood pressure, metabolism, and bone health.

  2. Great afternoon snack to leave you satisfied until dinner - one of the reasons for this is because of its high protein content which is important for appetite regulation.

  3. Probiotics! - this has been a popular word that has been thrown around a lot, but for good reason. It has been found to help strengthen your immune systems and reduce inflammation, both important to fight off illnesses. This does not mean go buy probiotic supplements! Get it in a form of food; your body will be able to pull out all the vitamins and minerals found in the food, in addition to the one you are interested in, providing a complete package.

  4. Good for bone and heart health - further studies still need to be done regarding both bone and heart health, but correlations have been found between dairy intake and preserving bone mass/strength, and increasing HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and reducing blood pressure.

If you are going to include yogurt into your diet, make sure it is plain yogurt. Before you make a face of a disgust, hear me out! Plain yogurt is like a blank canvas. You are in control of the flavoring so you can make a one of a kind treat for yourself every time! For example, for my yogurt I added bananas and cherries with my homemade granola. I topped it off with honey for extra sweetness. Now doesn't this look a lot better than the flavored yogurt you used to buy. AND this controls the amount of sugar intake so this food item can remain healthy, and not a sneaky way of adding empty calories to your day.

Side note - don't limit yourself to dairy yogurt. These days you can find almond, soy, or coconut yogurt to name a few. I am a personal fan of the coconut, which is what I used pictured here.


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