Morning Pages

For those that are not familiar with the term Morning Pages, it is exactly what it sounds like - writing in the morning. More specifically, it is writing 3 pages of whatever random thoughts are floating through your brain during the morning. The idea is that it helps you clear your mind by laying out the things taking up room in your mind. These pages are not suppose to be creative or artistic in any way. It is a place to dump all your thoughts on paper and move on. The idea seems to have stemmed from Julia Cameron who wrote "The Artists Way". This is suppose to help you think more creatively throughout the day.

I started writing morning pages last fall and it has kind of become addicting. I don't do it everyday, and I hardly ever make it to 3 pages. I usually start getting antsy after page 2. When I first heard about the idea, I didn't think it would be of any use to me. I don't consider myself a writer or an artist. To be honest, the idea of me being even creative is a new concept to me. So what would morning pages do for me? Still, I kept hearing about the idea and how others found it beneficial so I thought why not!

I never seemed to be able to stick with a journal, but this seemed different. And it was. For me journaling was always a chore. Something I wanted or felt I should do so years later I can go back and reread them to relive the experiences (or cringe at them). I could never stick to them, though. I quickly forgot about them or became bored with recapping my day or recent trip. Morning Pages is different though. It is a place where I don't have to write thoughtful sentences about my experiences. It is this place where I can dump all my thoughts, worries, reminders, and goals in one place and then forget about them. This is so freeing for me. I feel silly saying that, but it is true. You don't realize how much is on your mind until you start writing them down. And then once you do, you can feel the weight lifting. Of course, I don't force myself to write 3 pages. I usually get out my thoughts after 1 or 2 pages (I am a little slow in the morning).

If you are interested in trying this out, I would recommend finding a set time in the morning for this so you are more likely to stick with it. Also, make sure it is quiet. I find it much more enjoyable if I am not constantly getting distracted by background noises or other people moving about in the same room. You might find it hard the first few days to fill up even one page. Eventually, though, your day won't feel right when you go for too long without spending some time in the morning to write down your thoughts. Like I said earlier, I don't do this everyday. But the mornings that I find time for it, I feel much calmer and clear minded. Let me know if you have tried morning pages and what you thought about it!

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