Why You Should Make Room for Lavender in Your Home

Oh lavender; is there anything that evokes luxury more than lavender. Its delicate structure with its powerful smell, it is no surprise that lavender is a popular herb whose scent is added to an endless list of beauty and cleaning products. I'm a naturalist, so the real deal is what I advocate for. If you are looking to include lavender into your household, I list a few ideas of how to do it below that don't include artificial scents. But first, let me mention how lavender could be useful for you.

What Lavender Can Help With

1. Insomnia or Anxiety - many of us have probably heard about the idea of placing a few drops of lavender oil on our pillow cases to help induce sleep. Apparently the science packs it up too (although most of these studies have been small)! Scientific evidence found that lavender may slow down the activity of nervous system, improve overall sleep quality, improve moods for those suffering from sleep disorders, and promote relaxation. Even better than just lavender? A massage using lavender oils!

2. Hair Treatment - lavender has been found to be effective with various hair treatments, such as removing lice (yuck). One study found that it could help with hair loss, specifically those suffering from alopecia. However, it was only one study so how effective the use of lavender really was is still open for debate.

3. Headaches - If it can help with relaxation, it only seems natural that it would be beneficial for reducing headaches. Finding yourself exhausted at the end of the day with a lingering headache? Maybe give lavender a try for a more natural solution, versus ibuprofen for example.

4. Fungal infections, eczema, acne - Lavender seems to be frequently called upon for several skin issues. How effective they are depends on individual cases, but if you have mild skin issues, maybe a massage with lavender oil or a bath with the herb could help!

How to Incorporate Lavender into Your Life

- Fresh herbs: grow lavender yourself to always a fresh supply nearby. Cut a few off to place around your home to always have a sense of relaxation in your home. Plus, they look pretty too!

- Dried herbs: either dry your own herbs or buy some to use in various ways around your home. Place some in a bowl as a natural air freshener for bathrooms. Make a bag of lavender to hang in bedrooms, closets, or even under your pillow. Feel free to mix with other herbs for a unique blend.

- Essential oil: buy lavender essential oil to use in a number of ways. Add a few drops to your next bath or mix it with unscented lotion to treat your skin. Own a essential oil diffusor? Add some lavender to it and run it before or while you sleep to ensure a good nights rest.


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