Llamas in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is mainly known for its most famous city Prague, which is definitely a beautiful city, but the country is so much more than its capital. My Aunt (who is Swiss) has lived in the country for over 30 years and has loved it ever since she moved there. It doesn't hurt that properties were (and remain) significantly cheaper than in Switzerland. For about 20 years now she has raised llamas (that's right, llamas!) and offers ‘walks with llamas’.

She originally got them to help manage the land she owned as living lawn mowers, but quickly fell in love with these unique animals. Not only that, but she spins the wool and makes adorable gifts, which she sells out of her shop. I am afraid I did not pick up her talent for knitting and sewing (she knits socks out of enjoyment!), but I definitely share her love for animals!

If you ever find yourself in the Czech Republic, I encourage you to venture outside of Prague to explore a beautiful (and sometimes lonely) country where the impact of communism still hides in the shadows (or sometimes in plain sight). The area she lives in is near a town called Klatovy, near the German border, so if you start wondering if the outside world still exists, it won't take long before you are surrounded by civilization again. Seriously, my Aunt lives at the end of the world. They don't even get wifi (!!!!). It was a great way to detox from social media, though, and to remember what silence sounds like, besides cows mooing in the distance or dogs barking at a passing bicyclist, or an occasional llama fight (spit included).

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