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School is back in session, which means that those long days of summer where I had time to cook and eat at leisure are gone. Well, at least until the weekend. I struggle with meal prep. Although I suffer from hangriness (angry while hungry), I never prepare for a busy day ahead with plenty of snacks on hand. So this semester I decided to change that. I will be prepared! Of course, these snacks also need to be (somewhat) healthy. Lets hope this list of snacks helps keep me going throughout my busy days.

Side note: the options for snacks is endless. The ones I share are a few of my current favorites. Let me know if you like to see more posts like this and I would be happy to share more ideas for healthy snacks!

Snacks For On The Go

1. Yogurt with granola and fruit: Simply layer your yogurt with granola and fresh fruit on top. Tip: if making ahead of time, add the fruit in the morning so it stays fresh (especially with bananas!)

2. Sliced apples with your favorite nut butter: You can replace apples with any fruit, such as, bananas.

3. Cut veggies (try tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers) with hummus: Bonus if you make your own hummus!

4. Crackers topped with your favorite dip, sliced cucumbers, and salt/pepper: My current favorite are Wasa crackers. I found them at my local Harris Teeter.

5. Popcorn sprinkled with some cheese (or nutritional yeast): If curious what nutritional yeast is, check out my previous post on cheese alternatives!

6. Oatmeal Muffins with Cranberries: Find the recipe on the blog.

7. Pasta or Black Bean Salad: Find recipes for both salads on the blog.

If you give this recipe a try, please comment below with your thoughts. If you share it on social media, use #nibblesandbits!

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