Current Favorites Part 2

It has been a few months since I created my “current favorites” Part 1, so I thought it was about time I published “current favorites” Part 2. These are a little random, and not necessarily nutrition related, but they show my various interests and offer a sneak peek into my personality.

Swiss Chocolate

Have you ever been to Switzerland? If you go, I am sure you will , return a chocoholic with a huge stash of your favorite bars. Currently I am in love with Toblerone, a Swiss milk chocolate with honey & almond nougat pieces, in its famous tri-angle shape.

The New Yorker

I received a subscription to this magazine a year ago as a gift, and fell so so so behind. I hit a milestone when I finished my last 2016 magazine...but I really do like it! The stories range from current politics, film reviews, fiction stories, etc. I am familiar enough know with the layout of magazine to tell at a glance which articles will interest me so I don't read the whole magazine back to back. Huge time saver!

If you are interested, there is a discount for students & educators - $6 for 12 weeks (!!)

New Yorker Subscription - All you need is an email ending in .edu


I never understood peoples’ obsession with tacos − until now. I bought some to make at home and realized how perfect they are for quick lunches! You can literally throw anything in them and it will always taste good! When in doubt, add some cheese.


With an unlimited number of recipes available to us on line, cookbooks often get forgotten. There is nothing better, though, than opening a cookbook for inspiration. I have a handful of great cookbooks that I tend to forget about, but have been making an effort to take them out instead of googling for new recipes. Plus the photos are always fun to look at!


Still obsessed with youtube videos? My three favorites are FemmeHead, Jenny Mustard, Live.Love.Life. Interestingly, they all incorporate nutrition and food, amongst other things. Besides that, though, these three channels couldn't be more different.

  • FemmeHead - this girl will make you feel like you are catching up with your long distance best friend, especially when watching her vlogs. I love her! She works on educating the females (and males) out there on embracing their periods. Sounds like an odd channel to want to watch, but something about her is so fun and happy. Of course, she talks about other topics, but I think it’s great to have people out there working on helping women embrace something that often (let’s be honest here) isn't publicly talked about.

  • Jenny Mustard - with a minimalist style, this Youtuber is the definition of cool. During my trip to Berlin I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her (she lives there), but sadly I didn't see her. (only semi-stalking) ...but anyways, she creates beautiful videos with her boyfriend that showcase their lifestyle and interests. I also want to them to be my best friends..sigh.

  • Live.Love.Life - I have followed this channel for a while now. The couple lived in a camper for a year and I longed to be them so badly! They go for what they want and don't care what others think about them. Still, they seem to be the sweetest people ever. They helped me feel less odd for wanting to live tiny, but they also remained honest about that lifestyle. They have since upgraded to a larger space (with a new baby), but I still love seeing their (slightly bigger) vlogs.

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