Why Less is More (Minimalism)

Ah minimalism..who isn't sick of hearing that word, am I right? For those that are not exactly minimalist like, the idea of getting rid of your stuff sounds overwhelming or downright terrifying. I know a few people that wouldn't feel like without their piles of magazines and shoes. I get it. The image of minimalism can seem a little extreme sometimes, but I have to admit I still love the concept!

So what is it about minimalism that makes me happy? I list a few reasons below:

1. Less clutter: I love to organize, but having less stuff means spending less time going through junk or trying to make room for everything. My apartments are exactly spacious, so having less stuff means more room to enjoy the space!

2. Cleaning: the less stuff you have, the easier it is to clean! Does this need more clarification? 3. Easy to find things: I like everything I own to have a home, and preferably out on display or in easy reach. That is only going to happen if I don’t have a ton of stuff. So get rid of unnecessary things and bring out the items you truly enjoy.

4. More time: I mentioned less time spent on cleaning, but you also save time on choosing an outfit to wear (fewer clothes to choose from), putting things away at the end of the day, etc. Time is valuable, and I’d rather enjoy it in other ways than going through all my stuff on a daily basis.

5. Money saver: If you accept a minimalist lifestyle, you obviously will buy fewer things since you aren’t trying to accumulate more stuff. This usually means you end up saving money! Also, the purchases you do buy you spend more time thinking about so the items you end up with will usually not be regrets.

Everyone has different styles and ideas of how they want their home to be. I like a blend of homey yet minimalist, with a clutter-free area with lots of space. However, being organized usually comes easy so choosing this lifestyle wasn’t such drastic decision for me. Even if you don’t call yourself a “minimalist”, thinking twice about your purchases, regularly going through your stuff, and keeping a home the way you feel comfortable in are all concepts I think the most of us can get behind on!

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