The Importance of Eating Together

Countless studies have been done on the benefits of eating at the table as a family, and what the loss of this tradition may be doing to our overall well-being.

I won’t go into all the reasons why we don’t sit down together with family or friends as often as we used to. However, I did want to point out a few ways that making an effort to sit at a table and eating with someone can encourage healthier eating habits and an overall happier mindset!

One of the first things I notice when I sit down with family and friends at the table to enjoy a meal is that I am more aware of actually eating the food. Seems that eating with people would be distracting, but when we eat on the couch in front of the table we can literally not remember eating it. Eating at a table together encourages mindful eating which can prevent overeating. Not only are you more likely to enjoy your food, but you are less likely to walk away feeling uncomfortably stuffed!

This isn’t directly related to nutrition, but eating together is good for our mental well-being. This is a time when we can take a break from our busy, distracting lives and enjoy the company of others! We all need to set aside time every day to catch up with others, share stories, and even vent! I promise you will walk away feeling more fulfilled, or at the very least, a little lighter from sharing some of the burdens you might be carrying on your shoulders.

When we sit down and enjoy a meal together, you are more likely to truly appreciate the food in front of you and the effort it took or someone you care for to make it. The more we are aware of the food we are eating and how it got there, the more likely we will have a healthy and appreciative view of food. This leads to healthier habits and a healthier you!

Eating together may not seem directly related to nutrition and being healthy. However, the food we eat and how we feel is closely related to how healthy we are. All it takes is 1) to eat at a table with no distractions like TV’s or phones, and 2) enjoy it with friends and family when possible for good conversation and a shared appreciation for the food you are enjoying!

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