Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is almost here! With this holiday, you can expect to find bags and bags of candy that you probably wouldn’t otherwise have in your home. It can be hard to resist snacking on Halloween candy through Thanksgiving, so why not try out a few “healthier” Halloween treats. I want to reassure everyone that these will NOT replace your beloved Halloween candy, but if we mix in a few healthier options in there, maybe we won’t all regret stuffing our faces with candy on Halloween.

Apple Mummies

This one is very simple. Simply take a peeler and peel away some of the apple skin to resemble a mummy. Push two chocolate chips in as eyes and these cuties will be more adorable than spooky!

Orange Brains

Slice the top off an orange and scoop out the side. Don’t throw away! You could add this to a smoothie or eat it on its own. Take a handful of frozen or fresh berries and fill the inside of the orange with them. Cut out some eyes and a mouth and you have a pumpkin look alike filled with sweet berries. If you use frozen, the juice will start to drip out of the mouth, making this treat even spookier. :)

Banana Ghosts

Cut a banana in half and then slice the two halves to make four pieces. Use two chocolate chips as eyes and one for a mouth and these cuties will surely be a hit at a kids Halloween party (or as a snack to enjoy while handing out candy!).

I love the idea of using fruit to make healthier variations to the typical Halloween treats. Again, this doesn’t have to replace the regular candy, but I am sure you will find these just as requested as a regular candy bar (if not more!).

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