Weekend Getaway to the Golden State

A few weeks ago (it feels like a lifetime ago!) my school had fall break. It is essentially 2 days off + the weekend, but us students were counting down the days to this mini vacation. Anytime there is a school break, I naturally find myself on a plane to California because I'm that oddball that enjoys visiting my family.

Yes, the location helps, but honestly I would find any excuse to go home wherever home happens to be. Anyone else find time with family the best way to unwind and "escape" from the real world for a bit?!

Even though the visit was short, the San Jose area offers so much to do in close proximity. The first day was spent prepping for a meeting with a Dietetic Internship Director for an internship nearby. (Even on fall break my mind is on my upcoming internship application!) Other than that, I swear my mother and I spent the better half of the afternoon sitting in traffic. I am not used to the traffic AT ALL. It is the one thing that I hate about where they live. Half of the country is on California roads!!

One of my favorite things about staying with my parents are the mornings. I love waking up to make some coffee, walk Boo (the dog), and enjoy the sunshine with sleepy kitties by the big windows in the dining room. It is peaceful, homey, and relaxing. Just what my soul needs!

*on a sad note, this sweet kitty has gone over the rainbow bridge since my last visit. Even though it still breaks my heart, this very shy baby lived a long live (19.5 years!) in three different countries, and only grew braver and LOUDER with age.

Besides the quiet mornings, the fact that Santa Cruz and the ocean are only 20 minutes away are pretty big perks. Afternoon walks look quite a bit different out west then they do in good ol' Raleigh. Don't worry Raleigh, I still love walks in your woods, but it is hard to not fall in love with this view (sigh).

Of course, another big perk to northern California is the food! The farmers’ market is one of the best things to do on a Saturday morning. I give myself away as a tourist as I snap photos of every stand I see. I can't help it! Just look at all the produce! Eating local is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle there. It's easy when almost everything is grown in California.

In addition to the eventful activities that Cali has to offer, there is plenty of catching up (we like to talk in this family), sunsets, walks, eating together, and lots of laughter (and arguing, of course!).

Dinner Recipes.png
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