Healthy Snacks for Your Holiday Travels

It's officially the time of the year filled with family meals, lots of food, decorations, and traveling. If you are like me, you have family all over the country so my holidays will be spent flying from one side of the country to the next. That means I'll be spending my fair share in airports where good, quality food is hard to find. I have had plenty of greasy, heavy meals that I quickly stuffed in my face during a layover. These meals were never satisfying or made me feel very good. So this year, I will be more prepared for when hunger (or boredom) strikes!

Below are a few of my favorite snacks to take with me on travels, whether it is by car or plane.

Dried fruit: I was a little late to the game, but I have officially fallen in love with dried fruit. Not only are they delicious, sweet treats, but they don't have to be refrigerated so this snack makes for an easy travel companion.

Nuts: A handful of mixed nuts (try with less or no sodium) are great to curb back a sudden hunger attack. Mix them with dried fruit to make your own trail mix!

Popcorn: This does require you to plan ahead and pop some popcorn before you leave on your trip, but these make for a great snack for those long, boring flights or road trips. Also, the toppings for popcorn are endless! I like to keep my popcorn simple with just some salt, but you could top them with parmesan cheese (or nutritional yeast).

Crackers with nut butter: Make your own peanut butter crackers that will keep you satisfied a bit longer than the sad bag of pretzels you SOMETIMES get on flights.

Fresh fruit or vegetables: No one said you can't sneak in a few servings of fruits and vegetables on your long trips! Cut up some of your favorite fruits and vegetables and put them in to go containers. Add your favorite nut butter or dip and you have a healthy treat to enjoy at a much lower cost then what you could find at the airport.

Sandwiches: If you are feeling very organized, and know you have a long travel day ahead of you, pack a lunch! Make a simple sandwich without too many toppings to avoid messes. Throw in a bag of chips, crackers, or an apple and you have yourself a easy, quick meal.

Muffins: Make a batch of muffins a few days before you leave, and pack any leftover for your trip! These can be filling, oatmeal muffins or sweet treats like my all time favorite chocolate banana muffins. Easy to pack and eat - what more could you want?!

Really, the options for snacks on trips are endless. When on flights, you do have to consider liquid and storage. Also, for the sake of your fellow passengers, don't pack anything with a strong smell that will linger around the whole flight (aka, red onions). Other than that, what you pack is up to you! Give yourself a little time to plan and make ahead, so you aren't running around before your flight trying to put together something to take with you. Like with everything regarding traveling stress free, planning and preparation is a MUST.

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