5 Easy Ways to Fight off Winter Blues!

If you are anything like me, you are really sensitive to sunlight, or lack of when speaking in regards to the winter months. Yes, it is already January, but I am still struggling to get out of bed every morning and still confused as to why my drive home at 5:30 pm is in the dark.

Seriously, I hate losing sunlight! Unfortunately, I can't do much about it so I figured I'd try to incorporate some of the tips below to avoid the blues this winter. Never too late to start, right???

1. Go outside - An obvious way to fight off winter blues is to get outside! It can be hard though, when there is less light in the day to spend outdoors and/or the weather is unpleasant. That is why I have made a point to take advantage of any sunny day and go outside, even for a short walk. Not only will the sun boost my mood, but I am also being active which leads to the next tip.

2. Exercise - The only time of year where I might prefer working out in a gym versus outside. I have always had a small gym in every apartment I've lived at so really I have no excuse! Getting the body moving will warm us up, boost our moods, and give us energy. The hardest part will be getting out of my loungewear and replace my slippers with sneakers.

3. Stay Warm - This one might seem obvious, but sometimes we aren't as equipped for cold weather as we should be. I found that out the hard way when North Carolina decided to go from 70-degree weather to the 50-degree weather, and replace the sun with misty rain. My feet were freezing and I somehow always ended up wearing a jacket without a hood! I spent my evenings looking for more proper winter attire to avoid miserable days with cold feet and a wet head. Besides having the right attire, don't underestimate the power of a hot cup of tea or coffee. It does so much to boost my mood after spending time outside that I already have to restock my teas. Also - blankets. Enough said.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet- Just because it feels like the sun is out for only a few hours a day and the temperatures have dropped doesn't mean sticking to a healthy diet shouldn't still be important. With the holiday season behind us, it is important to aim to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet. Let's start the year forming good habits! Eating healthy when we can and remembering to eat our greens can not only make our bodies feel good but boost our moods as well.

5. Spend Time with Family & Friends - When Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, it doesn't seem like this one would be hard to do. But then after the New Year, January and February can seem to go on forever with the weather still cold and dark, and no Christmas lights to make us feel festive! Don't underestimate a few hours spent with loved ones to help make us feel more like ourselves.

Winter is here...but that doesn't mean we have to hide out under 10 layers of blankets and sleep all day. Although, doesn't that sound amazing?! The point is that of course, enjoy your lazy evenings snuggled in front of a fire with a warm cup of tea, but don't forget to get outside and take advantage of any sunlight you get! The more we take care of our health in regards to exercising, diet, and our mental state, the more likely we can avoid feeling gloomy as winter continues.

What are a few ways you guys stay positive throughout the winter? Please your comments below!

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