Easy Holiday Decorations For Your Home

I have to be honest here for a bit. It has been hard to spend time on the blog lately. Maybe its because my schedule is so busy lately or maybe I am going through a creative funk, but I have been finding myself dreading the weekend when I usually finally have the time to work on Nibbles & Bits.

I decided to give myself a break. The semester is coming to an end and the holidays are here, so it is understandable that I am spread a little thin on time and energy. Funny thing happened though, once I gave myself this freedom.

The same afternoon that I was suppose to give myself a break, I suddenly felt inspiration to decorate the apartment for the holidays. Using mostly things I already had, I throw together a few simple decorations that brought the outdoors in and made the overall apartment perfectly cozy for the holidays.

I truly enjoyed myself, and grew excited about sharing my little DIY decorations with all of you on Nibbles & Bits. Funny how things work out when we are nicer to ourselves!

The first decoration I throw together came from Pinterest, obviously. Specifically, I found the idea from Tastemade. This is so easy! You need a mason jar, 1 orange, a few strands of something green (rosemary or thyme would work well), a handful of fresh cranberries, and a tea light candle. Place all the ingredients, minus the candle, in the mason jar and fill up with water. The cranberries will float to the top and hold up the tea light candle. I have to admit - I am really proud of this cute little decoration. So simple, yet this screams crafty...in my humble opinion. ;)

Pictured Above: captured two seconds before someone managed to get her little whiskers burnt. What is it they say about curious cats?..

Can you tell how happy I am with this creation? I may need to get out more.

If you are ok looking crazy, head out side to your favorite park or trail and pick up some pretty pine cones. I love the look of pinecones in a simple bowl. There are a million ideas on Pinterest that deal with pinecones, but I went for a simple (very simple) idea of displaying them in a fish bowl with a little bow around it. Simple, yet festive!

This side table came perfectly together in my opinion! I had this set of boxes already and with a bow, turned them into a easy holiday decoration! The vase in the back I made for one of my first blog posts. You can check it out here - DIY Vase.

From my walk (where I may have gotten a few odd stares) I picked up a small branch with some greenery in it, along with a small branch that still had a few tiny pine cones attached. I love how the simple pop of red from the bow around the vase really turns this into a more festive display.

The tiny christmas tree in the back made out of wood I recently bought. It is made locally here in North Carolina and I love it! Best $10 I ever spent. Of course, I couldn't bare to get rid of my tiny pumpkins from Halloween, so for now they are here to stay.

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