I Officially Have a Masters Degree!

It is now official. This girl has a Masters of Science in Nutrition!

School has been out for over 2 weeks, but last Saturday I crossed the stage to accept my diploma and I couldn't be happier! It still feels a bit surreal.

It also couldn't have been hotter...North Carolina decided to bring out its warm weather just in time for my poor family to come visit. Then to make it worse, graduation was held inside a building with NO A/C! Um, what??

As miserable as it felt, it was still exciting to cross the stage again and be recognized for the hard work we all put into this achievement the last few years. I am also so appreciative of my family who was able to come down to Raleigh and celebrate with me this past weekend. I am glad I tricked you all into visiting me and letting me show you my little home. It is times like these that make you realize how many people are supporting you near and far.

Although I am excited to have graduated, it has finally hit me that I might not see some of my classmates again and that we are about to all go in different directions and be in various locations. Ugh, why are events like this always bittersweet? Thank goodness for social media that lets you stay in touch!

So now that I am graduated, what's next?

I'll be starting a dietetic internship in July! That will keep me busy for about a year where I'll be working in clinical, foodservice, and community settings to gain hands-on experience in nutrition and the dietetic field!

After completing my orientation in July and August, I'll be driving across the country to California to spend the next few months out there where I plan to complete part of my internship. Then in April 2019, I'll be driving back to North Carolina to complete my clinical and foodservice rotation at Wake Med Cary Hospital. Yes, I may be crazy for driving across country TWICE with a kitty cat (shh don't tell Grace yet) but I am excited for a change of scenery and to get one step closer to becoming a REGISTERED DIETITIAN!

I can't wait to start the internship (never thought I'd say that) but until July I'll be prepping for this next adventure and doing a little bit of traveling. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend the summer! :)

Thank you for everyone's support and for cheering me on this crazy journey!

Oh and moving forward, just call me Rebecca, MS (hehe)

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