DIY Vitamin C Powder

I love finding ways to reduce food waste. There are a lot of tips online on how to reduce food waste but not all are practical or work for each individual. For example, as much as I try to make homemade broth out of vegetable scraps, the scraps just end up sitting in my freezer for months until I finally admit defeat and throw them away. So maybe this will be one of those tips that don't work for you, or maybe it will! So here I am sharing yet another way to reduce food waste.

Orange peels. I never thought about using them for anything. I mean what can you do with random pieces of orange peels? Well, it turns out you can turn peels into something useful. Your very own vitamin C powder. Essentially a strong source of orange flavor with the benefits of getting some extra Vitamin C from the peels. You can add the powder to baked goods, use in sauces/marinades, mix into tea, or add to granola! Anywhere you want to add orange flavor, sprinkle a little powder in and you are all set. The powdered orange is super fragrant. A little definitely goes a long way, so start off adding just a little to gauge how much orange flavor you want.

Have you made orange powder before? If so, how did you end up using it? I would love to know in the comments below!

DIY Vitamin C Powder

  1. Dry the orange peels. I just laid them out on the windowsill for a few days until the peels have harden. You could dry them in the oven on low heat (200 degrees F) for about 20-30minutes. Let cool before moving on to next step if drying them in oven.

  2. Break the pieces into small pieces and then grind them in a coffee grinder. Clean it out very well afterwards if you don't want your coffee to taste like orange.

  3. Store in a container and place in fridge.

  4. Use for cooking, add to teas, and try in baking!

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