My 5 Step Skincare Routine using Toxic-Free Products

For the last few years, I have tried really hard to only use products with safe ingredients. This movement towards safer products isn't new, but once you try to make this shift yourself you realize how HARD it is to find products free of questionable or downright unhealthy ingredients. Even after several years of doing this, I still sometimes buy items that I later realize aren't as "safe" as they claim to be. It is an ongoing process, but the less toxic items I manage to use every day, the better my health in the long run.

To get a skin routine with safe products requires effort on your part. That means looking up the ingredients and doing a little digging on how safe the ingredients are. To help me with this I use the site EWG (Environmental Working Group) where they provide a database of skin products, grading them based on the ingredients. Not every single product out there is available in the database but it does help you, the consumer, find products that have a low grade (meaning they are safer for you).

Since I have spent more hours than I want to admit on finding the "perfect" products for my skin, I thought I'd share the ones I am using now for anyone out there interested in finding skincare products that use safe ingredients. These all have a low EWG score (yay!) but it is important to do your own research when looking for skin products that you plan on using on a daily basis. Everyone's skin reacts differently to products!



As you can tell, I don't use a lot of products (and this is more than it used to be). I like my skin routine to be simple, with ingredients that I feel comfortable putting on my skin every day. Let me know if you have questions on any of these products! Now that I finally have a skin routine I like, I could talk about it for days. :)

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